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I hate to do this again. But, I am going to move my blog to Blogger. LiveJournal is still not exactly what I want. Maybe I will get my own blog site in the future. For now my blog will be at http://jasonknits.blogspot.com/. Actually, this blog was created some time ago, but was not used.

Darn! I just got this paid account a few days ago. Guess I should've played with this for a while before taking out the cash. :-(
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Toe Jazz - in progress

This is what I am working on. Toe Jazz, pattern by Fiber Trends. Did I say I LOVE knitting socks? I am knitting these with KnitPicks' Simple Stripes, color Sunset. The colors are brighter than I thought. I guess that's the risk you take when you order online without getting a yarn sampler first. But, I'm going to wear them anyway! (Yes, they are for me.) This is my first time using self-striping yarn. I was worried how it would turn out with the cable twists in the pattern. I think it turned out OK. I can't wait to get to the part where I have to divide the big toe from the rest of the toes. Let's hope that will go well.

I will post the finished project with them on the feet. I know, I know. I promised a hat-on-the-head picture for the brioche hat and that hasn't happened. Can I blame it on the partner? hehe
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Felted Entrelac Tote - before felting

This is knitted with a pattern I got on KnitPicks, Felted Entrelac Tote. I still need to finish two 10-stitch i-cord straps before I can throw them in the washer for felting. It's taking a while to do the i-cords. Maybe it's just a bit boring.

It maybe just me, but the pattern seems to be missing some steps. Maybe it's for the more advanced knitters. I had to figure out how to continue knitting at a few places.

The yarn used is KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes. It feels a little (just a little) scratchy during knitting. But the knitted fabric is quite soft. I am sure it would soften up even more after blocking. Unfortunately I won't know with this project. It's going to be felted.

I can't wait to do the felting. This is a first for me. The bag is now at 15"x16". The finished size should be 9"x11". That's a lot of shrinkage!

Update to come!

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Why Knitting?

Many years ago my neighbors gave me a beautiful blanket woven on their giant machine. Ever since then I dreamed about picking up weaving as a hobby. I liked the idea of having something to do with my free time and make useable items at the same time. I also liked that the repetitive motion of weaving, making it possible to use it as a meditation practice. But it was difficult to get it started. First, you need to purchase a machine to weave. Nice equipment is not cheap. Second, it requires room for the equipment. Third, it's not very portable, even though they make portable looms. So, many years gone by without fulfilling the desire.

One day I had the TV on for background noise. I had on the Today Show. Jane Pauley Show came on after that. I wasn't paying that much attention until I heard the topic of the day was "Knitting". I stopped what I was doing when one segment focused on male knitters. Hmmm... this might be nice to have as a hobby. It's very portable, does not require much to start, makes useful items and can be a meditation tool! I was sold!

So, in September, 2005 I started my journey down the Knitting road. Tons of books, lots of yarn and knitting notions and a few classes. I think I love it!

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Brioche Hat - Finished

Brioche hat is done! I made a few mistakes on the crown, but the pattern is quite forgiving. They are not noticeable to me. It is quite fun. The body is very easy to knit, but the crown is a challenge. The instructions in the book is a bit difficult to follow. While doing the decreases I had to experiment to find the right ways. In the end it turned out nice I think. Now, I used leftover yarn for this. I can't wait to use the intended yarn and start a new one. But it will have to wait until I finish the heart pillow that I'm making for mom.

I will take a pic of the hat being worn soon. When the fabric streches the pattern looks a bit different. Well actually, my partner will have to take that pic when I wear the hat. Meaning that I will have to wait until he's good and ready!
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Brioche Hat, work in progress

This is a pattern in “Weekend Knitting” by Melanie Falick. I had been thinking about making this for a while. I finally got the yarn a week ago. I bought Manos Del Uruguay for this hat. After several attempts to cast on and to establish the setup row, I found that it was a mistake to use this yarn to learn to knit this new stitch. I switched to some leftover Plymouth Encore Worsted and had success!
The cast-on is quite difficult to manage. It’s easy to do, but can look like a twisted mess when doing the setup row. The best thing to do is to keep all the cast-on stitches on the needle part of the circular needle until you are all done. Then slide them to the other end carefully to avoid twisting, then join. It also can look like a tangled mess when doing the setup row. Just be mindful and do it slowly.
This can knit up quickly! I will post the final result when it’s done!
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Second pair of socks!

This pair was knitted for my partner to sleep in on cold winter nights. I made a mistake on the pattern on the first sock. You can see it on the one on the top that it pulls in a little at the gusset. I also learned how to close the toes with Kitchener stitch. Great socks except that the yarn pills too much.
I LOVE knitting socks!
Pattern: “Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted
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My first pair of socks!

The one on the lower left is the first sock done in a sock class. I was on medication for a lingering cough at that time and couldn’t remember exactly how I got it done. Few mistakes were made and Heather, my teacher, helped with correcting them. The second sock was left for me to complete at home. I think it came out great! They fit my feet perfectly. Although I would have preferred to knit them a little small so that they hug my feet a little tighter.

Pattern: Beginner's Lightweight Socks by Knitting Pure & Simple
Yarn: Lorna’s Shepherd Sock Yarn, Jungle Stripe